2:50 pm

On Friday morning, myself and a few of my closest friends went out for brunch at a local restaurant, and it was amaaaazing! For the first time ever I decided to try eggs benedict, and I loved it! I wasn't sure at first if I would like it as I have never had hollandaise sauce before, but it was really yummy! Eggs benedict is made up of a toasted English muffin, bacon and poached egg with hollandaise sauce (which tastes a lot like mayonnaise) on top. I then had a glass of orange juice and a much needed cappuccino, and it was the best start to my day!
I really do recommend trying new foods and giving things a try, you'll really surprise yourself and possibly end up loving something you never thought you would!

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  1. I love eggs benedict too! My favourite it with egg, tomato and spinach :)

    1. Ohh that sounds so yummy! Definitely something I'll have to try :)




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