About Me

For years now, I have been reading and indulging in fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogs, the whole time thinking: “this is what I want to do,” or “I reckon I could do this,” until eventually: “I NEED to start writing!” Particularly now that social media sites, such as Instagram, have become such a huge part of everyone’s daily lives, not an hour goes by without seeing a picture of a gorgeous blogger and their equally as gorgeous outfits (and general lifestyles – why don’t I spend  my time travelling and shopping and writing? *sob*) and it has just got the point that I am at a stage in my life where I am lucky enough to have the free time and creativity to write blog posts about the things I enjoy. But, before I get down to it, I feel a little introduction is in order.

My name is Laura; I am 21 years old and a graduate from the University of Reading in England. I have been obsessed with all things fashion and beauty ever since I was a little girl. I was always reading fashion magazines, dreaming of the day that I would be old enough and have enough money saved up to wear some of the gorgeous outfits I’d see in them (I’d thought that point would have arrived by 21, but alas, I am still waiting, haha). I would squirrel myself away in my room and fill notebooks with little doodles of outfits and accessories and I’d constantly spend whatever money I had on clothes, handbags, shoes and makeup.

Now, I am returning to my passion once again to allow for a little break from the real world, to let my creativity flow and most importantly, to provide a safe place for all my thoughts and ideas to come together and be shared. My blog will feature a little bit of fitness and travel, a little bit of lifestyle and home d├ęcor, a little bit of beauty and a little bit of fashion. 

I have so many ideas for future posts that the notes section on my phone is completely full of endless lists and I am SO EXCITED to share them all with you! I hope you all enjoy!  



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